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Virool: Build Your Brand



In this promo video for Virool, audiences are introduced to the company's unique platform, which marries entertainment with advertising for what they call 'advertainment.' It's a brand-building masterclass that harks back to the days of classic TV but with a modern twist, where bright, Brady Bunch-inspired visuals meet hand-drawn graphics to succinctly promote the company's core value to advertisers: metrics that gauge real-time reactions to the products being promoted on the platform.

Client Goals

Virool wanted to illuminate their platform’s core value proposition: making advertisements that viewers won’t want to skip. There's a decent level of pressure when making an engaging ad to promote an engaging ad platform to other advertisers. Using visual storytelling elements like studio laugh tracks, on-screen graphics, and creative visual effects, our video production team executed a vision that showcases Virool's promise to keep their audience engaged. The result? A lively video that not only illustrates platform features but leaves a lasting impression.

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