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AWS x World Wildlife Foundation



In this promo video for AWS, Deloitte, and the World Wildlife Foundation, we craft a gripping tale of AI's role in global forest conservation. Showcasing the Forest Foresight AI solution AWS and Deloitte helped implement, our video production company spotlighted how technology can foresee and counteract deforestation threats, safeguarding our planet.

Client Goals

AWS wanted this series of videos to shed light on its most impactful collaborations; in this case, the work it did with Deloitte to help the World Wildlife Foundation. To pull it off, our video production team had to fuse together a mix of stock footage, owned material from all three partners, and immersive sound effects to make the whole thing feel like a single video telling one single, continuous story. As you can see, we passed the test with flying colors, as the narrative comes alive and jumps off the screen.

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