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Schneider Electric: Make It

TV Commercial


In this promo video for Schneider Electric, we unveil the cutting-edge future of sustainable building. Integrating energy efficiency, next-generation automation, and pioneering industrial software, Schneider Electric positions itself at the nexus of sustainability and profitability, and this video uses beautiful videography to visualize the company's commitment to a better planet and a healthier bottom line.

Client Goals

Schneider Electric recognized the importance of sustainable building, not just as a lofty aspiration but as a tangible means to protect every business' bottom line. They needed a video that seamlessly melded these twin objectives. Our video production team achieved this by artfully employing an impressive mix of stock footage, client-owned content, an exhilarating soundtrack and dramatic sound effects, and crafted a narrative that underscores how Schneider Electric helps businesses build for today, but also for life.

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