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Swan & John Deere Promo



What happens when two iconic brands come together to redefine garden maintenance? Find out in this Swan & John Deere promo video, where we highlight the awesome slate of products these two have cooked up, from their groundbreaking CoreFusion technology that tackles a hose's notorious kinking problem to the impressive water flow of the ¾ inch Diameter garden hose that are innovating the garden arena.

Client Goals

This brand partnership between Swan and John Deere aimed to highlight a series of co-branded garden hoses that address common user pain points while elevating the gardening experience. Our team curated a blend of compelling narration, custom footage, and lively VFX animations to bring still images to life, all in order to emphasize the standout features of the John Deere branded garden hoses to demonstrate the core advantages of this partnership for customers.

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