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Paradigm Oral Health



In this brand video for Paradigm Oral Health, audiences learn about Paradigm's steadfast commitment to revolutionizing oral surgery care and dental implants while offering dental care that’s both empathetic and safe. The video conveys how Paradigm's tech breakthroughs, along with their Paragon data ecosystem, are setting the gold standard in oral care, and how these innovations benefit countless patients.

Client Goals

Paradigm needed a brand video that could visually demonstrate the company's core goals of thinking big, innovating new ideas, and delivering oral surgery care that is compassionate, personalized, and safe. Leveraging a variety of footage types, including stock footage and the company's own content, our video production team managed to capture the awe-inspiring advancements in dental tech that Paradigm is innovating, while keeping the focus on the value to the patients through stirring music and compelling narration,

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