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LinkedIn Talent Insights II



In this promo video for LinkedIn, audiences learn about the company's Talent Insights platform to help executives make data-backed decisions. Sharing compelling business case studies from major companies like Microsoft, Autodesk, and Intel, the video shows firsthand how professionals can benefit from the platform's standout features, from modifying job descriptions to cater to talent market trends, to identifying hidden talent pools in different cities, to even leveraging competitor analysis for brand positioning, all brought to life with a blend of stock footage, company content, GFX, and an energetic score.

Client Goals

LinkedIn wanted a promo video to highlight the advantages of their Talent Insights platform featuring business cases from major companies. To achieve this, we meticulously pieced together various elements - stock footage, the company's owned content, screen captures, and GFX, and all edited seamlessly together to feel like one cohesive video, to spotlight the platform's unique capabilities with real-feeling success stories and relatable visuals that would resonate with the target audience – the top-tier executives.

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