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The Crossing - One of the Herd



The Crossing Church, rooted in the heart of St. Louis, serves as an emblem of unity and community strength. In this animated video, viewers dive into a metaphorical tale contrasting the American Bison and the Musk Ox Bull in their defense mechanisms against wolf onslaughts. Our hand drawn animation style vividly encapsulates the stark distinction between the two herds: one that allows its weak to be isolated and picked off, and the other that bands together in communal strength to keep each member safe and protected.

Client Goals

The Crossing Church wanted an animated video that would metaphorically represent the significance of unity in community. Employing a unique hand drawn animation style, accompanied by cinematic music, potent narration, and life-like sound effects, our video production agency brought this fable to life, underscoring the the power of a community united in strength.

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