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Schneider Electric Stories feat. Raymond



In this testimonial video for Schneider Electric, we spotlight Raymond, the Technical Support Manager for the company's secure power line. As Raymond narrates his experience, audiences watch a captivating blend of aerials, stock footage, and custom interviews that vividly visualize Raymond's experiences working with top-tier clients like Microsoft and Google, and emphasizing Schneider Electric’s unparalleled commitment to sustainability, security, and reliability.

Client Goals

The client commissioned a series of testimonial videos to introduce prospective hires to the Schneider Electric company culture and employee value proposition. Raymond's interview highlighted the unmatched customer-centric culture at Schneider Electric, sharing his personal evolution since joining the company straight from college. So we meticulously crafted a video production that not only showcased the company’s transformative impact on the data center world but also spotlighted its invigorating work culture and team empowerment.

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