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Staypineapple: The Naked Experience

Real Estate
TV Commercial


Staypineapple stands out as a unique hotel brand, and in this vibrant TV commercial, we're treated to an engaging dance-off between a housekeeping service worker and a hotel guest. Both showcase the plush amenities of Staypineapple in style, celebrating the brand's colors and unique offerings.

Client Goals

While being a distinctive hotel brand, Staypineapple needed a video that not only portrayed the high-end amenities they offer but also the love and care they put into their service. Leveraging upbeat music, dancing sequences, and strategic elements of humor, we painted a vibrant picture of their services. By bringing in an upbeat score, humor, dancers, and a cameo from a dog that mirrors the hotel's mascot, the commercial subtly yet effectively communicates the hotel's pet-friendly stance.

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