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Bosch: Future of Mobility

TV Commercial


In this commercial promo video for Bosch Mobility, we dive into the forefront of modern transportation solutions. Highlighting the plethora of innovative opportunities at Bosch, the video takes viewers on a journey from electric vehicles, motorsport, autonomous cars, to braking systems and much more. As Bosch pushes the boundaries in mobility, this video showcases the depth and breadth of its initiatives, all fueled by a blend of live action, compelling VFX, and engaging narration set to a pulsating soundtrack.

Client Goals

Bosch needed a commercial video to appeal to potential engineers, showcasing the diverse career opportunities in its mobility sector. Our video production agency stepped in, crafting a narrative that showcased everything - from hydrogen fuel cells to e-bikes. Merging custom shots, company-owned content, and a dynamic soundscape, we spotlighted Bosch's ambitious vision for the future of transportation.

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