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Baker Hughes: NovaLT Gas Turbines



In this animated explainer video for Baker Hughes, we unveil the revolutionary NovaLT Gas Turbines. The electrifying on-screen graphics, backed by propulsive music, guide us through a transformative shift from diesel-driven to electric pumps. As viewers, we get to witness VFX simulations of the mobile gas turbines in action, accentuating key features and showcasing the turbine's role in the electric fracturing revolution.

Client Goals

Baker Hughes wanted to present their innovation - a gas turbine that not only significantly reduces fleet size but also revolutionizes diesel logistics. They needed a video that could captivate viewers by translating a technical topic into an engaging and refreshing story. Through dynamic animations, energetic music, and VFX, we captured the essence of Baker Hughes' electric fracturing vision, ensuring customers felt the excitement and potential of the NovaLT Gas Turbines.

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