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Schneider Electric Stories feat. Nicolette



In this testimonial video for Schneider Electric, we delve into the narrative of Nicolette, a General Manager at the New England Branch. Through a seamless blend of aerials, stock footage, client-provided content, and custom interview snippets, we traverse Nicolette’s journey from her days as an intern to her current role in leadership. The story paints a picture of Schneider Electric as a cohesive unit despite its vast size, offering a unique blend of large company benefits with a close-knit work environment.

Client Goals

The client wanted a series of testimonial videos to introduce prospective hires to the Schneider Electric company culture and employee value proposition. Nicolette's interview highlights the inclusive culture of Schneider Electric, so our video production team used a diverse range of filming techniques to highlight the company’s immense support for their employees, ensuring they’re not just part of a team, but part of a winning one.

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