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Saint Francis Anthem Film



In this brand video for Saint Francis High School, we delve deep into the school's vision for the future as narration guides the viewer through the organization's ambition to raise a whopping $100 million for the school's growth and continued excellence. Complemented by a collage of still photos, client owned footage, and stock clips, we capture the history and spirit of Saint Francis, showcasing its impact on students throughout previous generations and how it can empower new generations going forward.

Client Goals

Saint Francis aspired to create a film that was not just inspirational but also packed a powerful call to action that would galvanize viewers to contribute to their ambitious campaign. We harnessed the magic of cinematic storytelling, blending emotional music, resonant narration, and compelling visuals to depict Saint Francis as a growth opportunity for innovation, faith, and opportunity, as well as beacon of hope that's committed to inclusivity and outstanding education for all.

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