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Accordion: A Better Way to Work in Finance



In this corporate brand video for Accordion, we take a deep dive into the financial services company's unique approach to the finance advisory realm. Serving CFOs across the investment life cycle, Accordion stands apart, ensuring management teams can focus on their core tasks. With the use of on-screen text, stock footage, and Accordion's original content, the spotlight shines brightly on the company's specialized team, personal touch, and partnership-centric approach.

Client Goals

Accordion, a leading finance advisory firm, needed a corporate video that would succinctly encapsulate their service offerings. They wanted to highlight their unique position in the market - one that doesn't just advise but also partners and engages. By showcasing their dedicated team, dynamic culture, and commitment to their clients, we crafted a video that firmly positions Accordion as a beacon for the best talent and outcomes in the financial sector.

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