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Poshmark Kicks Promo

TV Commercial


In this promo video for Poshmark, sneaker enthusiast Seth Fowler takes viewers through the app's convenience for accessing the freshest T-shirts, entire outfits, and those ever-elusive Jordan Ones. Interwoven with custom footage, stock footage, and tempting discount codes, this promo provides viewers with a tantalizing glimpse of what Poshmark has in store.

Client Goals

Poshmark want a promo video to promote their tempting $5 off intro deal. This wasn’t just about a discount – they wanted potential customers to visualize the unbeatable deals awaiting them, from simple tees to the iconic Jordan Ones. With a combination of interview footage, B-Roll clips, and select stock footage, we managed to bring out the heart of Poshmark in this punchy 15-second promo.

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