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Samsung: Computational Design

TV Commercial


In this commercial video for Samsung, we delve into the futuristic world of computational design and how it's revolutionizing the way Samsung's designers create products. Meet a Samsung designer, engrossed in designing the next-generation Galaxy buds. Through the synergy of AI and innovative computational tools, witness a design process where millions of data points are analyzed to perfect fit and comfort using digital twins of thousands of ears. AI's simulation magic unveils the wonders of real-life wear evaluation and design improvements, positioning Galaxy buds as just the start of Samsung’s technological renaissance in product design.

Client Goals

Samsung needed a promotional video that spotlighted their commitment to harnessing the power of computational design tools and AI in creating groundbreaking products. Our video production agency orchestrated a narrative emphasizing Samsung’s prowess in using AI and computational design to optimize and innovate. Through a captivating blend of custom filmed sequences, enthralling visual effects, and voice-over narration, all set to an upbeat sci-fi score, we encapsulated the synergy between human creativity and AI. Our mission was to not just convey Samsung's message but to make it resonate, inspiring viewers with the possibilities of what’s to come.

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