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Schneider Electric: Caylin Bursch



In this testimonial video for Schneider Electric, we learn the story of Caylin's journey at Schneider Electric and her firsthand account of tenacity and adaptability, starting from her initial encounter with Schneider at a career fair to her dynamic rise through multiple ranks within the company. Caylin's story emphasizes the company’s uniquely nurturing environment, allowing individuals to connect, grow, and thrive in their desired roles.

Client Goals

The client needed a series of testimonial videos to introduce potential hires to the Schneider Electric company culture and employee value proposition. Caylin shared her adventurous journey, emphasizing the unparalleled opportunities at Schneider Electric, and our video production agency brought her inspiring story to life through a mix of aerial shots, stock imagery, and custom filmed interviews in a cohesive production that emphasizes Schneider Electric’s values and leadership qualities.

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