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Energous LOWDOWN



In this product video for Energous' LOWDOWN, we explore the future of wireless charging in public spaces like airports and coffee shops. Lowdown offers a centralized dashboard for wireless transmitters, giving insights on real-time usage and predictive trends. Through a fusion of stock footage, platform UI screen captures, and on-screen text, we vividly visualize the invisibile wireless charging process, all while emphasizing the product's unique selling points.

Client Goals

Wireless charging is a boon in today's tech-savvy world, and Energous wanted to amplify their innovative enterprise software, LOWDOWN, with this dynamic product video. Capturing the essence of its key offerings, we blended platform UI screen captures with real-world scenarios, ensuring the value propositions stood out with on-screen graphics to highlight the otherwise intangible charging process, making it tangible and impactful for viewers.

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