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CBRE: The Center at Needham Ranch

Real Estate


In this real estate video for CBRE’s Center at Needham Ranch, we immerse viewers in the perfect blend of big city sophistication and small town charm. Dive deep into the building's core competitive advantages like its state of the art infrastructure, tallest ceilings in the market, and unbeatable location minutes away from LA, San Fernando Valley, and Burbank.

Client Goals

CBRE wanted a video to showcase a new industrial space in an up-and-coming environment that offers companies room to innovate, expand, and save. Through thrilling music, quick cuts, on-screen text, and drone footage, we highlighted the building's unparalleled attributes and the surrounding Santa Clarita lifestyle. With key highlights like how the city was voted most business-friendly, safest in the U.S., and best to live in, our video ensures potential residents learn everything they need to know to view The Center at Needham Ranch as the ultimate destination for their next office expansion.

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