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Bently Nevada System 1



In this 3D animated explainer video, we introduce Bently Nevada's System 1, a groundbreaking solution to monitor asset health, reduce emissions, and much more. Through immersive 3D graphics, uplifting music, and clear on-screen text, we explore the intricacies of plantwide monitoring, emphasizing the system’s features and its advantages in addressing common customer pain points.

Client Goals

Bently Nevada wanted to demystify their System 1’s technical aspects, laying emphasis on its ability to gather, clarify, and provide context to data. The objective was to highlight the challenges faced by customers - such as stranded data and cyber threats - and how System 1 emerges as the answer. By visually mapping the user interface with real-world scenarios, our video production team created a narrative that made a highly technical product relatable and easy to grasp.

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