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Apple Relocation Series: Culver City

Real Estate


In this corporate video for Apple, we dive deep into the heart of Culver City, showcasing the vibrant life, culture, and opportunities it offers. Nestled in Los Angeles, Culver City promises the delights of easy access to beaches, the allure of Hollywood, and a mix of diverse cultural and culinary experiences. As a part of Apple’s internal platform, this video serves as an enthralling guide for Apple employees considering relocating.

Client Goals

Apple recognized the need to present a compelling case to their employees contemplating a move to different offices around the world. They desired a continuity with their internal platform and a corporate video that would resonate with Apple's distinct aesthetic. The challenge was to capture the essence of Culver City in a concise format. So we employed a fusion of meticulous research, engaging footage, and rhythmic editing, crafting a video that's as captivating as it is informative.

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