Video Production Denver: Complete Overview for 2024

Denver's video production scene can be daunting, but finding the right team and resources is key to bringing your vision to life. This guide will cover the essential steps to choose a production company, insights into Denver’s unique production landscape, and practical tips to streamline the process – all to help you craft impactful video content in the Mile High City.
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May 1, 2024
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Key Takeaways

  • The Denver video production industry is flourishing, with rapid growth offering abundant opportunities and catering to varied creative needs through advanced techniques in animation and filmmaking.
  • Critical steps in creating a successful video project in Denver include understanding specific needs, evaluating production company portfolios for style and quality, and comparing pricing against the range of services offered.
  • Denver offers a rich resource pool for video production, including networking groups, equipment rental services, and guideline adherence for filming permits, all of which contribute to the sector’s ongoing success and economic impact.

Denver's Video Production Scene

Denver's Video Production Scene

The film and media sector in Denver has seen remarkable growth, with its commercial video production segment alone generating upwards of $1 billion in sales. Between 2011 and 2019, the industry witnessed an employment surge of 43%, surpassing the national average for this field, which signals a significant rise in Denver’s creative capacities. As per data from 2019, more than 8,700 individuals found their place within Denver’s film industry landscape—contributing greatly to the economy with approximately $727,4 million generated through goods and services sold.

In terms of service offerings, Denver’s video production sector is replete with innovative options that encompass modern techniques such as two-dimensional (2D) animation work along with three-dimensional (3D) graphics creation motion graphics design capabilities, and stop-motion animation—all addressing a wide spectrum of artistic demands.The expanding scope of this field continues to forge new career paths for filmmakers as well as other associated professionals involved in this thriving domain—a testament to both opportunity and innovation that we will delve into Concerning specifics around what makes up video production activities taking place across “the Mile High City.”

Animation Studios in Denver

A multitude of animation studios in Denver specialize in creating an array of animation videos for different sectors. They are adept at various styles including 2D, 3D, motion graphics, green screen animation, whiteboard animation and stop motion.

These diverse techniques allow the Denver-based animation studios to meet a wide variety of production demands across industries. Startups aiming to craft innovative explainer videos, businesses in search of engaging promotional content or filmmakers desiring visually captivating music videos can all find tailored services within the dynamic environment of Denver’s animation scene.

Filming Locations in the Mile High City

Filming Locations in the Mile High City

Denver filming locations offer picturesque landscapes and varied environments that have become a magnet for video production, drawing the attention of filmmakers from around the world. This has led to an increase in film production within the city, with places such as Pearl Street and Pepsi Center emerging as prime locations for filming new scenes.

To these spots, Denver’s repertoire of settings suitable for movie shoots is enriched by locales like Elitch Gardens theme & water park and Lowry Air Force Base. These sites offer not just visually appealing backdrops, but also contribute significantly towards enhancing a film’s story with genuine depth.

Denver's Film History

Denver’s film history is as rich and varied as its landscape. The classic film ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ is a significant part of Denver’s diverse film history, showcasing the city’s allure as a filming location. Renowned actors such as Robert Redford and Clint Eastwood have played pivotal roles in Denver’s film legacy.

The city’s cinematic legacy has also been enriched by other well-known figures in the acting world, like Will Ferrell, Jeff Daniels, and Brad Pitt. Their performances in films shot in Denver have not only entertained audiences worldwide, but also contributed to Denver’s reputation as a city that inspires compelling storytelling.

Choosing the Right Video Production Company

Ensuring the prosperity of your video endeavor necessitates selecting a Denver video production company that aligns with critical criteria such as:

  • The ability to fully grasp what your business seeks
  • A resonance with the way you communicate and uphold values
  • Making client contentment paramount
  • Initiation of transparent dialogue prior to filming, enabling clarity around the envisioned style and direction.

Crucially, when securing a partner for projects centered on conveying messages through video, keep in mind:

  • The visual allure of the finished product along with its value from a production standpoint and an impactful delivery strategy
  • The span of experiences they bring to bear, their portfolio diversity, as well as comprehensive services ranging from initial concept crafting to finalizing post-production nuances.

The pricing structure employed by the company should not overshadow considerations about getting optimal results for your investment into the project.

Identifying Your Needs

The first step in ensuring that a video production company can deliver a bespoke solution aligned with your desired outcomes is to acknowledge your unique requirements. Establishing the following elements beforehand helps produce an explicit directive for the video production company:

  • The aim of the content
  • Targeted viewership
  • Desired tone
  • Visual aesthetic
  • Specific anticipated results

Budgetary factors play a pivotal role in video production as well. Before engaging with a video production company, it’s critical to understand what skills are needed and how success will be measured. Often, evaluating various creative methods offered by different companies has more impact on project accomplishment than just comparing prices.

Initiating dialogue through an introductory conversation with the chosen video production company marks the phase where you define organizational demands, publication objectives, and preferred processes which aid in shaping a more customized final product.

Evaluating Portfolios

Assessing the portfolio of a video production company is essential to ensure that its style and quality are consistent with your project’s vision. Key indicators such as creativity, technical prowess, and production standards showcased within their previous work should inform you on whether they have the capacity to meet your expectations.

Scrutinizing past projects completed by a video production firm offers valuable insight into their competence in creating content that fits different clients’ visions across diverse sectors. Such analysis is vital because it uncovers both the range and sophistication of the company’s creative abilities and technical skills, which assists in making an educated choice.

Comparing Pricing and Services

Assessing costs and offerings is essential when choosing the right partner for video production. Factors influencing the price of producing a video include the scale of the professional team engaged and the quality level aimed for in the finished product, not just its length.

It’s important to conduct an in-depth comparison that weighs both expense and service scope as well as their excellence. By doing so, you’ll be able to pick a company capable of delivering a premium-grade video tailored to your unique requirements without exceeding financial constraints, thereby maximizing value from your spend.

The Video Production Process in Denver

The Video Production Process in Denver

The process of video production in Denver offers distinct chances and hurdles that must be navigated by filmmakers. Acquiring a thorough knowledge of the necessary local permits for filming within Denver is crucial to this endeavor. Yet, there’s more than just navigating regulatory requirements.

Influenced heavily by weather fluctuations and city events, a production schedule in Denver demands adaptability as an indispensable quality for any filmmaking team working there. Tapping into the community’s resources effectively plays an important role in ensuring triumph during video production pursuits across different stages within the city of Denver. Let us explore into each phase involved with video production here in Denver.

Pre-Production Planning

Establishing clear objectives and understanding the distinct requirements of a video project are crucial initial steps that enable effective engagement with prospective video production firms. The following key actions should be taken:

  1. Ascertain the extent of your project.
  2. Set up a financial plan.
  3. Select a main point of contact.
  4. Specify tasks and expected outcomes.

Adhering to these points allows you to convey precise expectations and detailed needs to your chosen video production company.

During the pre-production stage, there is an in-depth organization involving management of the project, teamwork, and logistical arrangements which include choosing between interior or exterior filming sites. Video production companies based in Denver anticipate challenges related to outdoor shoots by arranging alternative dates ahead of time, facilitating an uninterrupted film-making process.

Filming and Crew Management

Every department in a Denver video production crew fulfills a critical function, contributing to the project’s successful completion. Some of the key departments include:

  • Art department: designing sets and props
  • Transportation department: managing logistics
  • Lighting department: managing lighting and safety
  • Grip department: assisting with camera and equipment setup

Every team member’s contribution is vital for the project’s success.

Selecting a video production company that emphasizes professionalism and collaboration ensures that a project is completed on time and within budget. Efficient crew management and the cohesive functioning of all departments are crucial to delivering a high-quality video production in Denver.

Post-Production Editing

In the video production process of Denver, the editing phase plays a critical role in converting unprocessed footage into a polished end result. Typically, editors in Denver adopt a trio of steps for cutting videos which involves initiating with a Rough Cut, advancing to a Fine Cut and wrapping up with a Final Cut prior to finalization.

Throughout Denver’s post-production phase, tools like private video links are employed for feedback purposes to foster precise and cooperative dialogue. The concluding enhancements made during this stage comprise color correction to elevate visual appeal, audio refinement through mixing and sweetening for superior auditory clarity, as well as the integration of motion graphics when deemed necessary.

Leveraging Denver's Resources for Video Production Success

Leveraging Denver's Resources for Video Production Success

The city of Denver is rich in resources that can be effectively leveraged for the purposes of video production. Nevertheless, there are obstacles confronting the industry, specifically stemming from insufficient investment in necessary infrastructure. Yet even with these impediments, it’s worth noting how film professionals within Denver have been instrumental to the expansion and progress of its video production sector.

This escalation in activity within Denver’s video production sphere has translated into economic benefits for the municipality. Let us explore ways by which these assets may be capitalized upon to foster successful film projects within Denver.

Networking Opportunities

In Denver, platforms such as The Emerging Filmmakers Project, Colorado Film & Video Association, and Film Industry Networking Denver (F.I.N.D.) provide critical networking opportunities for film production professionals. F.I.N.D., notably holds its networking event regularly on the first Monday of each month to foster professional connections.

The city of Denver is a hub for events that offer filmmakers a chance to forge significant relationships within the sector. Websites tailored to industry needs like ProductionHUB and Mandy serve as valuable resources detailing these events and organizations relevant to those navigating the local film landscape. Such networks are instrumental in sparking collaborations, forming partnerships, and initiating new ventures that contribute substantially to the vigor and achievements of Denver’s video production community.

Equipment Rentals and Vendors

In Denver, a wide range of rental service providers are available to support filmmakers with an assortment of video production equipment. These providers can be easily found using resources like ProductionHUB, which helps connect filmmakers with local vendors and rental companies that supply the necessary gear for their productions in the city.

Acamera Rentals stands out as one of the notable establishments in this space within Denver. It boasts Colorado’s largest inventory and provides a comprehensive array of cameras, lenses, and additional support equipment. Filmmakers benefit from 24/7 assistance and have access to a preparation area specifically designed for testing and calibrating equipment before shooting begins. With these facilities at hand, Denver becomes an increasingly accommodating city for those engaged in video production activities.

Filming Permits and Regulations

In Denver, individuals seeking to film must adhere to a specific procedure for acquiring the necessary permits for their production. Filming on public property in Denver requires a permit under various circumstances including when:

  • there is involvement of more than five individuals
  • equipment beyond handheld cameras is utilized
  • traffic flow might be affected
  • public parking spaces are used
  • generators or pyrotechnics are employed
  • scenes depicting chases or violence are filmed
  • exclusive access to public areas is required.

Those interested in filming should submit applications for film permits at least 5 business days before planned shoot dates. Larger productions need to do so no less than 14 business days prior. There’s an upside—securing a film permit incurs no cost in Denver.

To ensure location-based aspects of filming go smoothly, professional scouts and managers work diligently within Denver. They’re tasked with securing desired locations and orchestrating details such as managing parking needs, obtaining proper permissions through permits, and finalizing contracts—all while making sure that local regulations governing movie productions are fully respected.

Case Studies: Successful Video Productions in Denver

Case Studies: Successful Video Productions in Denver

Video production in Denver has showcased the city’s capacity for storytelling and its pool of diverse talents. The spectrum of video works originating from Denver includes everything from full-length features to commercials, music videos, promotional content, and documentaries—each leaving a lasting impression on global audiences. ‘The Stand In,’ a feature film completely shot within Denver’s boundaries, stands as one such example that garnered widespread attention. Another commendable piece hailing from this Colorado hub is the impactful ‘Be Colorado’ campaign commercial with its exceptional production quality.

A compelling series of promotional videos by CRAFT Insurance was brought to life by a local brand-focused company based in Denver, effectively communicating their core values through these visuals. Skilled at crafting commercials are firms like Spire Digital out of Denver. They impress with technical excellence intertwined with imaginative execution. Talented filmmakers in the region have successfully ventured into music video creations and documentary filmmaking—the latter demonstrated through an acclaimed documentary shining light on the vibrant music scene found right here in this part of Colorado—as we will delve deeper into these specific instances moving forward.

Feature Films

Produced in Denver, a selection of films has left an indelible mark on viewers while adding to the local cinematic legacy. Noteworthy among these are:

  • ‘The Glenn Miller Story,’ starring Jimmy Stewart, with scenes at both Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park and Lowry Air Force Base
  • The presence of Clint Eastwood gracing Colfax Avenue for his film ‘Every Which Way But Loose’
  • And Civic Center Park was featured prominently in ‘In the Line of Fire’

Such movies have taken to the silver screen stories that include characters like John McClane and brought attention to landmarks within Colorado Springs as well as throughout Denver.

Several productions took place right in Denver CO.

  • Rodney Dangerfield brought laughter with ‘Ladybugs’
  • The star-filled narrative of ‘Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead’ unfolded here

-The Netflix original ‘Our Souls at Night’ made its home here too.

  • Audiences were thrilled by ‘Die Hard 2: Die Harder’, which boasts action sequences filmed locally.

These varied films exemplify how versatile Denver can be as a location for filming and enhance its standing within the global film industry.

Commercials and Promotional Videos

Denver’s production companies have made a significant impact by creating compelling commercials and promotional videos that increase product sales and engage customers. The use of innovative ideas, along with the incorporation of local culture in their advertisements, distinguishes these Denver-based brands within the competitive industry.

Award-winning work has been produced by Denver corporate video companies for both regional and nationwide advertising campaigns. Their effective and influential promotional content not only amplifies brand exposure but also strengthens relationships with viewers, establishing such visual materials as essential components for marketing strategies and messaging efforts.

Music Videos and Documentaries

Music videos and documentaries produced in Denver showcase the city’s abundant talent and its capacity to articulate diverse and intricate narratives. The documentary ‘JazzTown,’ directed by Ben Makinen, has been recognized with awards including Best Director at the San Diego Movie Awards, and features prominent musicians such as Grammy winner Dianne Reeves.

Denver’s music scene is visually captured through music videos such as:

  • ‘Oceanic’ by We Are William, which addresses addiction and was filmed in a vintage warehouse
  • ‘Warpaint’ by Silo, encapsulating Western themes and shot in a barn near Boulder
  • ‘Glitter & Gold,’ depicting the trade-off between personal relationships and career success

These videos emphasize Denver’s creative video storytelling.


Denver stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation within the film and media industry, boasting an array of diverse filming locations that highlight its storied history in cinema as well as its burgeoning reputation as a center for animation. To thrive within Denver’s dynamic video production environment, one must adeptly navigate through the intricacies of video production processes, capitalize on the city’s vast resources, and recognize the critical role played by selecting an apt video production company. Filmmakers, animators, or anyone linked to a video production firm will find in Denver an invigorating backdrop for their artistic projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the video production scene like in Denver?

The film and media industry in Denver is flourishing, encompassing an array of diverse locations ideal for filming. This vibrant production landscape also boasts a strong heritage in film, including animation studios that serve multiple sectors. For filmmakers and creative professionals, it’s an invigorating environment to be part of.

How do I choose the right video production company in Denver?

When selecting a Denver-based video production company, assess your requirements carefully. Review their body of work to ensure they meet your standards and analyze the cost against services provided to make a well-founded choice.

What is the video production process in Denver?

The process of video production in Denver encompasses a thorough sequence that involves initial pre-production planning, the management and coordination of filming crews, shooting the actual footage, followed by post-production editing. It includes dealing with local permissions and regulatory requirements, all integral components for successful completion at different phases.

How can I leverage Denver's resources for video production success?

Utilize the assets Denver offers for successful video production by seizing networking opportunities, renting equipment, engaging with vendors and gaining a comprehensive understanding of filming permits and rules in the city. This approach will enable you to fully benefit from what Denver has to offer.

What are some successful video productions in Denver?

Denver, Colorado has been the site of several triumphant video productions. These range from feature films such as ‘The Stand In’ to notable commercials like those for the ‘Be Colorado’ campaign. An acclaimed documentary that delves into Denver’s dynamic music scene also highlights the city’s robust creative sector. Production entities in Denver have produced influential promotional content and visually stunning music videos, solidifying their mark on visual media creation.

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