Top 5 Animation Studios in Nashville (2024)

In search of animation studios in Nashville with a flair for creativity and a portfolio that impresses? Look no further. Below, our rundown of five esteemed Nashville animation studios will give you a clear picture of their specialties, from major brand collaborations to beginner-friendly explainer videos, helping you choose the ideal partner for your animation endeavor.
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May 1, 2024
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Snapshot of Nashville's Animation Studios

Nashville's animation studios, renowned for their captivating and high-caliber 2D and 3D animations, have built a solid reputation in the industry. When choosing an animation studio, potential clients often look at the studio’s previous work, customer feedback, and factors such as artistic style, experience, and value for money—with the going rate in Nashville being around $150 per hour.

Animation is a powerful tool for storytelling, and as such, Nashville’s premier animation studios take great pride in crafting videos that tell engaging stories and deeply connect with audiences. They uphold high standards of creativity and technical prowess, ensuring that each production is distinct and of exceptional quality.

These studios offer a wide array of services that cover the entire production spectrum from the initial concept development to the more technical aspects of rigging and skinning, highlighting their commitment to meeting a variety of project needs.

In contrast to the traditional video production companies Nashville offers, these animation studios specialize in creating content that is inherently dynamic and engaging, often requiring a unique set of skills for character design, storyboarding, and visual effects that go beyond live-action capabilities. This distinction is crucial for clients to consider when choosing between an animation studio and a video production company, as the former provides a level of creativity and engagement that is particularly suited for projects aiming to captivate and enchant an audience with imaginative storytelling and distinctive visual styles.

1. Filmless

Established in 2015, Filmless has built a strong reputation as a full-service animation powerhouse, collaborating with industry giants like Google and Amazon to deliver captivating visual narratives. Filmless, armed with creativity and innovation, becomes an attractive choice for brands in need of an animation studio capable of transforming complex ideas into compelling animations. Their cloud-based toolkit streamlines the production process, resonating with clients who prioritize transparency and efficiency.

Despite its scale, Filmless remains approachable, with testimonials praising its balance of reliability and cost-effectiveness. The studio manages to offer tailored solutions while maintaining the agility to tackle a spectrum of projects, from stirring testimonials to impactful TV commercials. This dual ability to deliver high-quality, customized content and to respond with flexibility to varying project scopes is what sets Filmless apart in the competitive market of Nashville’s animation scene.

2. IV Studio

At IV Studio, the process of designing a project is not just about completing tasks. It’s considered an expression of art. This studio stands out in its ability to tell compelling stories by merging artistic flair with cutting-edge technology that captivates audiences and creates memorable experiences. Their prowess in crafting narratives is evident from their perfect 5.0 rating based on 11 enthusiastic reviews which reflect high client satisfaction levels. They strategically incorporate marketing intelligence into their animations, creating works that are designed to enchant viewers while simultaneously boosting the business growth for their clients.

The proficiency of IV Studio manifests as much through the smooth experience during project development as it does within the polished final animation pieces they create. Clients delight in a collaborative process where fervor meets precision, leading to animated creations that transcend mere viewing—they’re intended to be emotionally experienced and deliver significant insights back to those who commissioned them.

3. Armada Company

Embarking on a mission to tailor every aspect of their clients’ visions, Armada Company places customization at the heart of its operations. Formerly known as Magnetic Dreams, the newly rebranded Armada Company can skillfully maneuver through an array of animation styles to achieve this goal, ensuring that each project is as unique as the brand it represents. With a keen eye for detail, they bring the charm of 2D character animation to life, creating engaging personas that resonate with audiences.

Their expertise extends into the depth of 3D animation, where they sculpt and animate worlds that are rich and immersive. The sleekness of motion graphics isn't lost on them either, as they craft dynamic visuals that enhance the storytelling experience. For those seeking a more formal touch, Armada Company also excels in the professionalism of corporate presentations, ensuring that the corporate message is conveyed with clarity and impact. This flexibility in style and execution allows Armada Company to invent new characters or transform well-known figures while maintaining their distinctive identities, making them a versatile and formidable player in the animation industry.

4. Five Stone Studios

Five Stone Studios is a prominent figure in the world of animation, known for producing captivating content that resonates through television, cinema, and online mediums. The studio’s international partnerships bolster brand visibility and foster engagement from stakeholders at crucial events such as industry trade shows and festivals. Their work has earned them prestigious recognitions like a Daytime Emmy and an MTV music award which serve as testimonials to their dedication to superior quality.

Five Stone Studios is celebrated for its strong emphasis on brand-centric video experiences and has an award-winning track record that speaks to its excellence. Their comprehensive range of services extends beyond animation to include photography, and they are adept at creating immersive visual stories that captivate audiences. The studio’s proven success in enhancing brand identity through visual content makes it a strong contender for those seeking quality and expertise. However, there are a few considerations for potential clients.

Five Stone Studios' specialization in brand videos might not be suitable for all types of projects, and the award-winning quality they are known for can come with a premium price tag. Those looking for quick, budget animations might find the studio's offerings to be more extensive than necessary, which could be overwhelming for some. Additionally, there may be limited flexibility for projects that fall outside of their core areas of expertise.

5. Nashbox Studios

Nashbox Studios functions as a mentor for those new to the realm of animation, directing them on the path to craft explainer videos that transform intricate concepts into visuals that are readily comprehensible. Nashbox Studios distinguishes itself by offering a suite of services that includes creating digital renderings for product imagery and ensuring a seamless experience from conception to completion, all while upholding punctuality and professionalism in delivering final assets. Customer reviews reflect the studio’s commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail in their output.

They are particularly noted for their beginner-friendly approach, making complex concepts easily accessible through their specialization in explainer videos and 2D animation. While they are celebrated for their professionalism and timely delivery, it's worth noting that their focus on industrial sectors may not cater to all preferences, and their service offerings are primarily limited to 2D animation and explainer video services. Pricing information is available upon request.

Choosing the Right Animation Studio for Your Needs

Choosing an ideal animation studio is similar to finding the right actor for a role; it demands careful consideration and a precise alignment of skills and style. Here are some steps to help you in the process:

  1. Scrutinize their portfolio to assess the quality and relevance of their work, ensuring your brand’s message will be effectively conveyed. Examine closely the range of animation styles they have mastered, from the subtleties of character animation to the complexities of dynamic motion graphics, and see if their artistic voice aligns with the tone you wish to set for your project.
  2. Consider the studio’s experience as their resume; seek a diverse portfolio that demonstrates their adaptability and expertise in catering to your specific needs. Look for evidence of their storytelling prowess, their ability to communicate ideas clearly and engagingly, and their success in achieving the objectives of previous clients.
  3. A studio’s team structure can offer a glimpse into their production capabilities, emphasizing the importance of specialized roles that contribute to comprehensive video production. Investigate the breadth of their team's expertise, which may include scriptwriters, storyboard artists, animators, sound engineers, and more, each bringing a unique skill set to the table.

Lastly, effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful collaboration, vital in ensuring the studio can grasp and manifest your vision with precision. Look for a studio that values your input, offers clear and consistent updates, and is open to feedback at every stage of the process.


There are plenty of animation studios in Nashville to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for someone to bring your brand's story to life, create an engaging educational series, or produce a stunning visual narrative for your music video, Nashville's animation studios have the talent and technology to make it happen.

With a range of styles from traditional 2D animation to cutting-edge 3D effects, these studios can adapt to your vision and provide custom solutions that resonate with your target audience. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every frame of animation is meticulously crafted to convey the desired message and emotion. So, no matter the scope or scale of your project, you can find a studio in Nashville that will work with you to create something truly remarkable.

Whether your story needs the majesty of Filmless, the narrative finesse of IV Studio, the custom touch of Armada Company, the branded elegance of Five Stone Studios, or the beginner’s charm of Nashbox Studios, you now stand equipped to choose your creative partner with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do animation studios in Nashville charge?

A professional animation studio usually incurs a cost ranging from $8,000 to $25,000 per minute for high-quality animation. This price encompasses the services of a proficient team specialized in scriptwriting, illustration, sound design, and the actual process of animating.

What is the most popular animation studio in Nashville?

When it comes to Nashville's animation scene, local studios are making waves and gaining recognition. While they may not have the global fame of behemoths like Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, or DreamWorks Animation, Nashville's own creative hubs are carving out their own space in the industry.

Among them, Nashbox Studios is quickly becoming a household name, earning accolades for its beginner-friendly approach and specialized explainer videos that make complex ideas accessible and engaging.

What types of animation services can I expect from Nashville studios?

Nashville animation studios offer an extensive selection of animation services, including the creation of promotional videos, television advertisements, narrative storytelling, both 2D and 3D animated content, motion graphic design, explainer videos, as well as product unveiling videos.

Can I hire these studios if I am new to animation?

Indeed, many of Nashville's animation studios offer services for hire that cater to novices, ensuring a smooth and approachable entry into the world of animation. These studios focus on demystifying the animation process, guiding beginners through each step with patience and expertise like only those inside the video production Nashville scene can offer.

Are Nashville studios equipped to handle corporate video production?

Yes, the corporate video production Nashville offers also includes a handful of services offered by animation studios. Some of these animation studios are adept at understanding the unique needs of businesses and can create custom animations that communicate corporate messages effectively, whether it's for training, marketing, internal communications, or presentations.

Can Nashville animation studios help with film location services?

While animation studios primarily focus on creating animated content, some may offer assistance for live action shoots or collaborate with location scouting services at Nashville film locations for projects that require a blend of live-action and animation. These partnerships enable the production of hybrid content that maximizes the visual impact of both real-world settings and animated enhancements.

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