Top 10 Nashville Video Production Companies in 2024

In need of top-notch video production companies Nashville? This concise guide details the premier firms in the area, each with its unique flair. Below, we provide all the details you need to discern which Nashville video production company best fits your specific needs.
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May 1, 2024
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Overview of Nashville's Top Video Production Companies

Within Nashville, TN, there is a diverse landscape of video production companies adept in crafting various forms of video content. From small businesses wanting to boost their social media presence with vibrant videos to expansive corporations requiring comprehensive commercial shoots, there’s a perfect match for every project in Nashville. These firms pride themselves on delivering customized services that align perfectly with your specific video production needs.

Our compilation features some of the best video production companies renowned for their distinct skills and proficiencies. They’re capable of managing any and all video production services from start to finish – handling pre-production planning through post-production refinement – guaranteeing a cohesive creation process.

There are also a number of animation studios in Nashville that offer niche capabilities such as motion graphics, 3D animation, and aerial videography for those looking to add an extra dimension or dynamic flair to their visual projects. Read on below for the best video production Nashville has to offer!

1. Filmless

Filmless differentiates itself as a video production company by offering an efficient and streamlined approach to the production process. This ensures clients have a hassle-free journey, with promotional videos typically being delivered in just 3-4 weeks on average. The company prides itself on its broad range of services that span from animated to promotional videos, all while maintaining speedy execution without sacrificing the quality of their output.

Their outstanding customer service coupled with a commitment to guaranteeing our contentment with the end result, made an enduring impact on us, highlighting their track record of success. The team at Filmless goes above and beyond to ensure that clients feel valued and heard throughout the entire production process. Their ability to maintain open and consistent communication, provide creative solutions, and deliver on their promises has solidified their reputation as a reliable partner in the video production industry. Clients can expect a personalized experience where their vision is carefully nurtured and brought to life with expertise and attention to detail.

2. Cumberland Creative

Renowned for transforming inventive concepts into captivating and persuasive visual narratives that elicit audience engagement, Cumberland Creative excels in delivering a broad range of services. This extends from their video production prowess to encompassing photography and meticulously tailored content for social media platforms.

Cumberland Creative has garnered a reputation for transforming innovative concepts into engaging and persuasive visual narratives that captivate audiences. Their team, which includes Emmy award-winning professionals, is not just adept at producing videos; they excel in integrating a brand's story into content that resonates with viewers. With a passionate commitment to videography, photography, and social media marketing strategies, Cumberland Creative is known for significantly expanding their clients' reach on platforms like YouTube and strengthening their digital presence.

3. Human Factor Media

Based in Nashville, Human Factor Media is dedicated to crafting compelling brand films that engage and resonate with audiences. The company excels at building strong recognition for brands by telling effective stories. Their diverse team of professionals utilizes a comprehensive strategic approach to convey the narrative of a brand.

Our experience with Human Factor Media has been notable due to their dedication to grasping and articulating our brand’s unique story. They went beyond mere video production. They weaved a tale that forged deep connections with our audience. The meticulous attention they give to detail, their boundless creativity, and their steadfast commitment to spinning captivating stories solidify them as an outstanding choice for any brand aiming for meaningful impact.

4. Reel Magic

Reel Magic Media is a video production company that excels in delivering cinematic storytelling and creating compelling content for brands, causes, and leaders. They are dedicated to producing high-quality cinematic videos that not only engage audiences but also connect with their emotions on a deeper level. The team at Reel Magic Media is passionate about crafting remarkable stories, ensuring that each video is not just informative and entertaining, but also leaves a lasting impact on its viewers.

The team at Reel Magic Media is composed of skilled professionals who are passionate about crafting remarkable stories. They believe that a well-told story can transcend the medium and leave a lasting impact on its viewers. Whether it's a short promotional video, a full-length documentary, or a social media campaign, their approach is always story-first, resulting in videos that are not only informative and entertaining but also truly memorable.


NPDTV excels in creating premium video content, servicing clients who require television and streaming-grade videos. Their proficiency encompasses the entire span of production activities—from initial planning stages to final post-production touches—always upholding the high standards expected for broadcasting.

The workflow with NPDTV is characterized by its seamless nature. They skillfully handle every stage of the production cycle, ensuring that videos meet broadcast quality standards. The professional expertise they exhibit is evident as they refine initial concepts into polished, broadcast-caliber products. Their commitment to excellence and their ability to produce outcomes that surpass expectations are highly valued.

6. Vibrant Media Productions

Vibrant Media Productions is a commercial production company that specializes in an array of video types, such as promotional videos, corporate documentaries, and social media content. They adopt a collaborative method to each project they undertake, adapting their services to reflect the unique tone and personality of each client for a bespoke video production journey.

Engagement with Vibrant Media Productions is known to be highly rewarding. The team at this production company customizes their offerings to meet the specific needs of their clients, resulting in videos that authentically represent each brand’s identity. Their dedication to consistently creating engaging stories across a variety of industries, while ensuring professional quality, has garnered satisfaction among those involved in commercial branding and corporate videography projects.

7. Gear Seven

When it comes to choosing a company that is an expert in producing music videos, consider Gear Seven your premier option.Gear Seven is known for its meticulous attention to detail and ability to bring concepts to life through their videos. Their expertise in creative contributions plays a pivotal role in producing music videos that are visually captivating and strike a chord with the intended audience.

Gear Seven excels in the meticulous management of music video projects from start to finish. The company collaborates intimately with clients, tailoring the production process to meet specific desires and preferences. Their approach is not just about producing a video; it's about creating a visual masterpiece that perfectly encapsulates the essence of the song.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the rhythm and flow of music, Gear Seven ensures that every beat and lyric is visually represented in a way that enhances the overall impact of the music video. Their dedication to artistic excellence and their ability to bring a musical vision to life with stunning visuals is what makes them stand out in the vibrant Nashville video production scene.

8. Push Focus

Specializing in the production of engaging documentaries, Push Focus excels at delivering powerful narratives and ensures that these stories resonate with the intended audience by implementing proficient content distribution tactics. Their approach emphasizes aligning the storyline with viewer expectations while providing a seamless and pleasant experience throughout the production process.

Working with Push Focus is a delightful experience. The team devotes significant time to understanding the narrative and the intended audience, which results in documentaries that are not only engaging but also deeply resonate with viewers. Their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to impactful storytelling distinguish them in their field. Furthermore, Push Focus employs effective dissemination methods to ensure that their documentaries reach a broad and targeted audience.

9. Taillight

Taillight has established itself as a versatile creator of a wide range of commercial content. Their portfolio boasts traditional commercial spots, educational and training videos, brand message films, and engaging social media content designed specifically for platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok. With a team that combines the mindset of a creative agency and marketing savvy, Taillight excels in developing brand narratives that feature top-tier talent, creating content that forges strong connections between brands and their audiences.

Known for their expertise in the entertainment industry, Taillight's ability to create captivating experiences ensures that consumer engagement is not just met, but exceeded. Their approach involves a deep understanding of the brand's story and needs, leading to the production of content that resonates with viewers and distinguishes itself by integrating high-profile talent, adding an extra layer of appeal.

10. 6 Strong Media

6 Strong Media has garnered acclaim for offering a range of video production services, such as creating motion graphic animations, crafting explainer videos, and producing virtual reality experiences. They are dedicated to achieving excellence in their outputs while constantly seeking out fresh approaches that assist businesses in reaching their goals through engaging video content.

6 Strong Media stands out for its innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to quality. Their services go beyond conventional video production; they excel in crafting narratives that captivate target audiences and drive businesses toward their objectives. The blend of artistic expertise and a smooth, stress-free process makes collaboration with 6 Strong Media a highly satisfying experience.

Choosing Your Ideal Nashville Video Production Company

Finding the right video production company in Nashville for your project doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Consider these guidelines:

  1. Begin by clarifying the purpose of your video, pinpointing who it’s intended for, selecting your desired style, and outlining exact requirements.
  2. Review various portfolios to understand different companies’ creative strengths and technical proficiencies.
  3. Look at client reviews and feedback to gauge each company’s track record with customers.

It is important also to check out the level of expertise that team members such as directors and editors bring into play from any potential production company early on during negotiations about pricing to determine if they are capable of staying within what you plan on spending.

Additionally, it's wise to inquire about the specific experiences and past projects of these key personnel, as their individual capabilities will greatly influence the quality and creative direction of your video. Understanding the depth of their skills in storytelling, technical execution, and genre-specific knowledge can provide reassurance that the final product will align with your vision.

Lastly, ensure that whatever business communication practices align well enough so both parties stay effectively engaged throughout the execution stages ensuring successful collaboration efforts between everyone involved.


In summary, there are many firms that can help you through the video production Nashville process rooted in Nashville, each distinguished by their unique capabilities and expertise. Whether you require swift delivery or compelling cinematic narratives, there is an ideal video production company tailored to meet your precise requirements. There is also corporate video production Nashville offers for more "corporate" focused videos. It’s crucial to select a company that will not only raise the profile of your brand but also engage your audience effectively—so invest time in making an informed choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top video production companies in Nashville?

Several leading production companies in Nashville, such as Filmless, Cumberland Creative, Human Factor Media, and Reel Magic, provide a comprehensive array of video production services to accommodate diverse requirements.

How do I choose the best video production company for my needs?

When selecting a top-tier video production company that aligns with your requirements, it’s important to evaluate several critical aspects. These include the objectives you wish to achieve through your video, the specific audience you’re aiming to reach, the stylistic approach you favor for your production, as well as your financial plan. Take into account the standing and credibility of the production company in question, and the video production services they offer.

Taking these considerations into account will guide you toward making a well-informed choice regarding which video production firm is best suited for realizing your vision effectively within your budget constraints.

What video production services do these companies offer?

These firms provide an extensive array of offerings including music videos, brand-centric films, promotional footage, documentaries, commercial productions and content tailored for social media platforms. You may have to find your own Nashville film locations, unless the company offers those services.

How long does the video production process typically take?

For video production Nashville, the production process may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the scale of the production. This duration may be subject to adjustments depending on the intricacies involved in the video production project.

The video production process may.  vary from company to companySome may take a longer period to produce a video as they might include more elaborate pre-production activities, such as storyboarding and casting, which can be particularly time-consuming. Others, like Filmless, aim to turn around videos in 3-4 weeks.

What should I look for in a video production company's portfolio?

When scrutinizing a video production company’s body of work, concentrate on assessing their artistic flair, proficiency with technical aspects of production, and aptitude for crafting narratives that captivate the audience. These elements effectively showcase the firm’s competencies in video production.

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