Top 5 Best Animation Studios in Denver (2024)

Looking for the top animation studios in Denver that align with your project’s vision and budget? Denver’s diverse animation scene offers a selection of top-tier studios each with their unique strengths. Whether you need corporate videos, animated explainers, or cinematic animations tailored for specific industries, we’ve got insights on the best Denver has to offer.
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May 1, 2024
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Snapshot of Denver's Animation Studios

In the vast video production Denver landscape, animation studios present a diverse mix of unique talents and expertise that cater to various project needs. Whether you’re in search of studios adept at producing Denver corporate video 2D explainers or ones capable of crafting more cinematic animations, there’s a multitude of choices available. Below is a compilation of some top-notch studios within Denver tailored for different animation project requirements.

1. Filmless

As a video production company, Filmless excels in creating corporate videos that not only showcase the distinctive attributes of your brand but also produce incredible content for television and film which engages audiences effectively. They offer an extensive range of services for video production. These include swift delivery of a variety of projects from promotional content to TV commercials, all crafted to enhance corporate branding and invigorate marketing efforts through expertly designed videos.

With a particular emphasis on animation videos, including animated explainer clips, they excel at converting intricate concepts into captivating stories that resonate with audiences. Filmless has earned praise for their professional demeanor and the unwavering high quality of their work. They boast an impressive client average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, showcasing their ability to consistently fulfill and often surpass expectations.

2. Practice Studios

Located in Denver, Colorado, Practice Studios is an animation studio that distinguishes itself by producing bespoke animated explainer videos tailored for branding purposes. They ensure these animations are adaptable to a multitude of screen sizes for maximum accessibility and exposure. Their portfolio boasts a variety of projects for an array of clients, showcasing their flexibility and artistic abilities.

Clients hold Practice Studios in high regard for their professional demeanor and the exceptional quality of their work. Their innovative methods in animation are particularly valued within the services they provide. The studio's dedication to crafting narratives that not only inform but also entertain, ensures that each project resonates with its intended audience.

With a knack for understanding client visions, Practice Studios transforms complex ideas into visually engaging and easily digestible animated explainer videos. This commitment to excellence and innovation in animation makes them a sought-after studio in the Denver area.

3. CatCow

Renowned for their distinctive design and artistic flair, CatCow stands out in the field with an exceptional art style. They craft animations that captivate and stimulate their audience, infusing each creation with inspiration. At CatCow, the process is streamlined for clients due to the meticulous coordination of complex project nuances overseen by their creative director.

Customers value the unique perspective that CatCow brings to the table. They are dedicated to maintaining a high level of artistic excellence and possess an exceptional ability for crafting engaging stories. This commitment to storytelling is reflected in their bespoke animation services, which are not only visually striking but also rich in narrative depth. CatCow's team of artists and animators work closely with clients to ensure that each animation is not just a visual treat but also a narrative journey that holds the viewer's attention.

4. The Evoke Group

Specializing in professional and imaginative animation services designed to meet the requirements of small businesses, The Evoke Group offers corporate video production that is customized to reflect the distinctive culture and ambiance inherent to each company they partner with.

Among animation production companies, The Evoke Group stands out as a creative powerhouse. They provide an extensive production process that spans from initial discovery through to final delivery. Their focus on crafting animations for small businesses is rooted in a strong emphasis on creativity and storytelling prowess.

The Evoke Group is committed to delivering high-quality videos, a process that sometimes requires substantial budgets and might make some projects less financially viable. Despite that, The Evoke Group receives high praise from clients for their visually stunning animations and visual effects, as well as their professionalism and flexibility. They provide hands-on assistance, quick communication, and informative materials.

5. Snowy Peak Films

Snowy Peak Films has garnered recognition for crafting cinematic-quality animations that cater to corporate and outdoor lifestyle brands, specializing in creating animation works that can stand toe-to-toe with the visual prowess of live-action movies. Boasting more than 15 years in the field, they offer an extensive range of creative production expertise that encompasses services in both 2D and 3D animation.

Snowy Peak Films is regarded by clients as a premier animation studio. Their professionalism earns high praise and their animations are not only creatively brilliant but also visually exceed expectations. The studio has developed a reputation for delivering cinematic-quality animations that are particularly appealing to corporate and outdoor lifestyle brands. With a team that brings many years of industry experience to the table, Snowy Peak Films prides itself on its ability to create compelling, reliable content.

Selecting Your Ideal Animation Studio in Denver

When choosing the perfect animation studio, it is crucial to assess their ability to produce animations that align with your vision and handle the magnitude of your project effectively while delivering top-tier content without exceeding your budget. While you may not need any Denver filming locations for your animated video, you may want to consider a company with full-service video production capabilities that can increase your creative potential.

It’s imperative to thoroughly examine a studio’s portfolio because it reflects their proficiency in creating animations tailored specifically to diverse needs. A solid track record of accomplished projects is key evidence pointing towards a studio’s reliability and adeptness in executing assignments successfully.

Understanding Different Animation Styles

Understanding different animation styles, with their unique visual qualities and varying degrees of complexity, is beneficial in choosing the right animation studio.

The complexity inherent to an animation style can impact cost significantly. Factors such as realism versus stylization, or using key-frame techniques versus motion capture methods, affect pricing. Being aware of various styles and production complexities is crucial for making informed decisions that align with budgetary constraints.

For instance, traditional 2D animation can be less resource-intensive compared to 3D animation, which requires advanced software and more time for rendering. However, the choice between 2D and 3D animation should also be influenced by the desired aesthetic and the way the final product will be used. Stop-motion animation offers a tangible, hand-crafted feel but is labor-intensive and requires meticulous attention to detail. On the other hand, vector-based animations provide a clean and scalable solution, often used for web animations and interactive media.

Another aspect to consider is the use of visual effects within the animation. Special effects such as particle systems, lighting, and shading can add depth and realism to the animation but also add to the complexity and overall cost. Additionally, the narrative scope of the project, including character development and storyboarding, can influence the choice of style and, consequently, the production costs.

Ultimately, understanding the nuances of each animation style and the technical requirements involved will guide you to select a studio that not only matches your creative vision but also your financial parameters. This knowledge ensures a harmonious collaboration between your vision and the studio's execution, leading to a successful and cost-effective animation project.

Matching Scope and Budget

Defining your project requirements, tracking progress, and setting precise expectations are critical steps in synchronizing the budget with the scope of your animation project. This process includes considering all essential components such as human resources, software, technology, and required licenses.

Regularly evaluating how the project is advancing compared to spending provides important information for future strategy development and refinement of processes. Ensuring openness about the procedures involved in animation while clearly outlining client participation helps prevent any divergence from the projected budget.

Evaluating Portfolios

Exploring a studio’s portfolio and client testimonials can provide potential customers with valuable insights into the capabilities and track record of an animation studio. Through analyzing case studies and scrutinizing customer reviews, it becomes possible to discern the level of service delivered, gauge the breadth of partnerships that the studio has formed, and understand the impact their animated creations have had.

Scrutinizing a studio’s body of work allows individuals to grasp their unique artistic approach, technical expertise, and range of services on offer. Meanwhile, examining testimonials offers transparency about the reliability and professional conduct exhibited by the studio as well as illuminates how content previous clients are with their experiences.


This manual offers comprehensive evaluations of premier animation studios in Denver, showcasing their distinctive strengths, array of services, advantages and disadvantages. By weighing these elements against various animation techniques, aligning them with the scale and financial parameters of your project, and scrutinizing work samples as well as customer feedback, you’re empowered to make a knowledgeable choice regarding the perfect animation studio for your needs in Denver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best animation studio to work for?

Exploring the top 100 studios for animation professionals is essential to determine which animation studio stands out as the best workplace for an individual, since preferences vary from person to person.

Where are the major animation studios located?

Los Angeles, California stands as a hub for animation professionals, hosting an array of leading studios such as MGM, Disney, Sony Pictures, Dreamworks along with numerous smaller outfits. This makes it the ideal locale for those seeking career opportunities in this creative sector.

What factors should I consider when choosing an animation studio?

In the process of selecting an animation studio, it is crucial to evaluate various aspects including their body of work, feedback from past clients, diversity in services offered, distinct advantages they bring to the table, and how well they fit with your project’s scale and financial plan. This approach will guide you toward a knowledgeable choice.

It's important to delve into the studio's previous projects to understand their creative and technical range. Past client feedback can offer insights into the studio's reliability and ability to meet deadlines. The diversity in services offered is also a key factor; whether you need 2D animation, 3D rendering, or motion graphics, the studio should be able to deliver. Compared to Denver corporate video projects, animation is typically on the high end of the spectrum in terms of overall cost per video.

Additionally, each studio may have unique strengths such as storytelling capabilities, character design, or special effects that could be crucial for your project. Lastly, aligning their offerings with your budget and project requirements will ensure that you partner with a studio that can deliver high-quality results without causing financial strain.

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