Top 6 Stunning Nashville Film Locations to Rent in 2024

Looking to enhance your project with Nashville's cinematic landscapes? This article dives into the best filming locations in Nashville, presenting you with six distinctive spots with the character and ambience to make a perfect backdrop for any scene. Discover venues ranging from retro-chic theatrics to tranquil mountain views, all within the vibrant city of Nashville.
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May 1, 2024
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Snapshot of Nashville's Finest Filming Venues

The city of Nashville is not only about country music and lively honky-tonks. There is actually a vibrant and thriving Nashville video production scene in the city, as the "Athens of the South" offers an array of beautiful backdrop for cinematic creations with unique filming locations.

Thanks to the Tennessee Entertainment Commission’s backing, there are many prime filming locations across the city that illustrate the best this city has to present—highlighting especially some hidden treasures within downtown Nashville.

With a landscape as varied as the musical genres that have walked its streets, Nashville serves as a canvas for filmmakers, offering everything from the rustic charm of old-world buildings to the sleek modernity of its downtown skyline.

Whether it's the picturesque parks that dot the city, the historic bridges spanning the Cumberland River, or the eclectic mix of new and old architecture, Nashville provides a multitude of settings that can cater to a diverse range of visual narratives. The city's commitment to the arts and its ever-growing creative community make it a haven for film projects big and small, ensuring that each production can find its perfect scene within this Southern gem.

Whether you're a local filmmaker or one of the many video production companies Nashville is home to scouting for an eclectic mix of locations, the city's diverse landscapes and architectural gems provide a rich tapestry of settings. Below, we've gathered some amazing spots you can rent today to elevate your next video production Nashville project. Check them out!

1. Historical Clementine Hall

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Price: $600/hr

Nestled in the Sylvan – Charlotte district of West Nashville, a stone's throw from the iconic Ryman Auditorium, Clementine Hall stands as a beacon of historical allure with its expansive interior spaces, a charming courtyard, and a 1905 pipe organ that commands attention. Its historical significance is echoed in the architectural marvels of exposed brick and gothic windows, and while renovations have been carried out with meticulous care to preserve its antiquity, they also allow for a fusion of old-world charm with modern craftsmanship. The hall, however, does have its caveats; the historical nature of the building imposes certain constraints on the use of modern equipment and necessitates a delicate touch when handling the venue's venerable features.

Stepping into Clementine Hall is akin to stepping through time. The towering ceilings and the deep reverberations of the ancient 1905 pipe organ create an extraordinary setting for filming. This venue has a unique ability to whisk away production teams to a different age with its gothic windows and timeworn wooden beams that enhance every shoot. Beyond mere visual splendor, Clementine Hall marries historical preservation with contemporary film production necessities seamlessly. Yet it’s crucial to recognize that this studio transcends ordinary expectations. Mindful handling of equipment and delicate setups is essential due to its revered historic status.

2. Retro-chic House of Glamour

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Price: $225 /hr

The Retro-chic House of Glamour meets Hollywood regency with Barbie Dream House aesthetics, complete with vintage sofas, chandeliers, and elegant wallpaper, create a lavish atmosphere with distinctive features for a unique filming experience at one of the best film shoot locations. Plush interiors and vintage decor offer a visually captivating scene with a variety of elegant backdrops suitable for different scenes. However, delicate vintage items require careful handling and the specific decor may limit versatility for various film genres.

As soon as you step into the Retro-chic House of Glamour, you are enveloped in a world that harkens back to the opulent days of classic Hollywood. The grandeur is immediately apparent with high ceilings adorned by glittering crystal chandeliers and an assortment of antique sofas setting a scene right out of a movie. Capturing images here makes one feel transported to an era graced by screen legends. With its rich furry red walls and ornate vintage gold cage, this house adds distinctive charm to every photograph taken within it. Preserving such beauty requires careful handling. Each unique piece of decor must be treated delicately while meticulously planning your movements to prevent any damage.

3. Distillery Whiskey Lounge

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Price: $250/hr

The Distillery Whiskey Lounge exudes a cozy ambiance, complemented by a curated selection of cigars and drinks, reminiscent of the intimate setting of the Bluebird Cafe. This 1500 square-foot space can accommodate up to 55 people and features a bar counter, brewing equipment, taproom, and tasting room. The lounge's intimate amenities make it perfect for close-knit scenes, offering a controlled environment with specific rules to ensure a professional setting, and comfortable seating arrangements for both crew and cast. However, the limited space may not be suitable for larger film shoots or video shoots, and the strict rules may restrict certain types of filming.

The charm of The Distillery Whiskey Lounge is unmistakable, providing a perfect setting for scenes requiring intimate conversation. With its ambient mood lighting, aromatic cigars, and the distinctive sound of clinking whiskey glasses, it offers an experience that engages all senses. Filmmakers who value control over their environment to keep external distractions at bay and maintain focus on the actors’ performances will find this space ideal. Though not suitable for bigger productions due to its cozy size, when authenticity and closeness are called for in a scene, this lounge is without equal.

4. Nashville Mountain House

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Price: $200/hr

Perched high above Nashville, TN, the Nashville Mountain House offers a breathtaking backdrop that encapsulates the spirit of country music flawlessly. Its deck comes equipped with an extensive wet bar and presents a chance to film against a skyline as though it were specifically designed for your footage. The generous inflow of natural light from 16-foot windows envelops this space in an inviting radiance, ensuring each shot is perfectly illuminated. Not only does its vista enchant onlookers, but the quiet here also guarantees crystal clear audio capture—though one must consider that such remoteness may present logistical hurdles. It’s a place well-suited for those who are ready to work within nature’s embrace and utilize the varying hours available in Nashville effectively.

With an expansive view spanning five miles, a spacious deck with a full wet bar, and eight-sided design with large 16-foot windows, the location has stunning views provide a picturesque backdrop for filming, ample natural light creates an immersive filming experience, and secluded area ensures a quiet environment.

5. Designer Home in East Nashville

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Price: $250/hr

Nestled at the heart of East Nashville, the Designer Home stands as a contemporary architectural marvel, characterized by its mid-century design that seamlessly blends sturdy concrete floors with warm wood accents. The structure's expansive floor-to-ceiling windows not only flood the interior with an abundance of natural light but also add a stunning visual element to any scene, making it a cinematographer's dream. This home's commitment to energy efficiency is noteworthy, ensuring that energy consumption—and thus production costs—remain low, an advantage for any film project. The location offers a sophisticated backdrop, though one must be cognizant of the ambient city sounds that occasionally permeate the serene atmosphere.

The home features a mid-century minimalist design with concrete floors and warm wood accents, floor-to-ceiling windows providing ample natural lighting, and a spacious 3,671 square feet including a two-car garage and an electric car charging station. The home's urban location is in a walkable neighborhood, offering a sophisticated environment with modern design elements, and boasts energy-efficient construction for sustainable filming. Its modern aesthetic may not be suitable for all film genres, and its urban setting could lead to occasional noise interruptions.

6. Basement Tiki Bar

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Price: $200/hr

Hidden beneath the streets of Nashville, the Basement Tiki Bar emerges as a tropical hideaway. With its playful mid-century tiki decor and bamboo highlights, it offers an ideal backdrop for bringing some fun into your project. The space is dotted with numerous vignettes – from a bar adorned with genuine tiki stools to a rustic dock setup – providing ample opportunities for diverse shooting perspectives. Adjustable and colored lighting enhances the ability to fine-tune the atmosphere. Bear in mind that you’ll have to supply additional lighting should your project require daylight scenes due to the absence of natural illumination.

Featuring a mid-century style Tiki Bar with bamboo-covered walls and tiki mugs provides a unique, thematic setting. It offers a variety of vignettes for different shooting requirements and features adjustable and colored lighting options to set the perfect mood. The whimsical and exotic atmosphere is perfect for thematic photo shoots, and the unique decor creates a variety of visual scenes, while lighting versatility allows for mood enhancements for different shots. Keep in mind that the covered windows result in minimal natural light, and the specific theme may not align with all project types.

Choosing Your Ideal Nashville Film Location

Securing ideal filming location in Nashville requires harmonizing various critical factors to hit just the right note. When scouting locations, look beyond visual beauty and factor in functional necessities such as reliable internet access, suitable lighting setups, and options like blackout blinds that could be pivotal for your shoot’s success. Remember too that logistical considerations like easy parking accessibility are crucial for accommodating crew members and their equipment seamlessly.

Keeping these points at the forefront will set you on course toward premiering an enthralling music video project with unforgettable scenes filmed across dynamic locales.


As you can see, it’s evident that Nashville boasts a plethora of filming locations fit for any narrative — be it steeped in historical grandeur, drenched in retro-chic allure, or encompassing contemporary architectural wonders. Every one of these Nashville filming locations presents its own distinctive charm to help narrate your tale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can corporate video productions or animation studios use Nashville's film locations?

Absolutely, if you're working with one of the corporate video production Nashville offers, or one of the many animation studios in Nashville looking to capture VFX plates, these venues provide a range of visual aesthetics that can enhance corporate storytelling or serve as dynamic reference points for animators. Whether it's a sleek modern office or a quirky retro setting, Nashville's venues can accommodate the creative needs of these specialized productions.

Can Historical Clementine Hall accommodate modern film equipment?

Certainly, with meticulous preparation, contemporary film equipment can be integrated into Historical Clementine Hall while preserving its architectural integrity. Filmmakers will find that with a thoughtful approach to staging and equipment placement, the hall's historical ambiance can be maintained even as modern technology is utilized to capture cinematic moments.

Is there a risk of damage to the decor at the Retro-chic House of Glamour?

Certainly, preserving the vintage decor’s unique aesthetic at the venue is essential, and it requires handling with care to prevent any damage. The Retro-chic House of Glamour's collection of delicate furnishings and ornate accessories necessitates a cautious approach during filming. Production teams are advised to plan their scenes and equipment movement strategically to ensure that the integrity of these irreplaceable items is maintained throughout the shoot.

How many people can the Distillery Whiskey Lounge host for a film shoot?

The Distillery Whiskey Lounge, with a capacity to accommodate as many as 55 individuals, is an ideal location for shooting films that require cozy settings or smaller assemblies. This intimate venue is suitable for scenes that demand a sense of closeness and personal interaction, making it a superb choice for dialog-heavy sequences or tight-knit group shots.

Does the Nashville Mountain House offer good sound quality for filming?

Indeed, the remote location guarantees a tranquil setting, perfect for recording unblemished sounds of nature. The Nashville Mountain House, nestled away from the city's hustle and bustle, provides a serene acoustic environment where the subtlest of sounds can be captured with clarity.

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