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WeForest is an international non-profit association with following mission: create and promote a pioneer movement in large scale sustainable reforestation. Today’s biggest challenges are global warming and poverty and WeForest has a simple solution for both. Planting trees restores the planet’s natural resources while providing social justice: planting bio-diverse and indigenous forests in tropical countries cools our climate and provides jobs for women and enables them to send their children to school.

Task & Solution


Trees are one of the most powerful tools we have to address global warming both for mitigation and adaptation. We worked with WeForest and the very talented Jeremy Irons to develop a unique animated video that introduces the topic of reforestation. The video premiered at a TED Talk alongside speaker Bill Liao in an attempt to bring light to our planet’s revival through a ‘permaculture’ approach by reforesting.



Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Sound Design
Color Correction & Grading